Custom Insoles

We did a pretty nice project for a course on prototyping, and I wanted to make a short breakdown of how this can be done. A short description that can serve as a rough guide.

Firstly, the equipment used: GoScan!, Rhino CAD software and an Ultimaker 3D printer.

By using the scanner we are able to obtain a cloud point (geometries) of our foot. This we want to use for extracting curves which is easier to work with in the CAD environment. It is important to adjust the scanned foot to the correct angle along all axis first. We start then by marking an outline of the foot, and adding some vertical lines which will be the mesh we project on the foot. As seen in pictures 1-3 below. We need to offset the outline inwards to ensure we capture the foot when projecting lines. After we have obtained the projections, the curves can be extended beyond the foot’s outline. This ensure that a loft function can be used to generate a surface(picture 4). This surface is later trimmed by the original outline(picture 5), and we finish off with offsetting the surface to create a solid. Now we can fillet the edges, add some ventilation holes or initials.

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