Workload, or a load of work

Previous semester was a breeze, 3 exams, no biggie. Well that means only one thing work has piled up. Significantly. 

I am taking modules of my interest and therefore they happened to land on this semester. I will be taking:

  • Management 3
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Sustainable Development 
  • Advanced Production Processes 
  • Solids, Structures & Integrity 
  • Design 3 
  • Strategy

And of course writing my dissertation on the feasibility of shipping water, due to the on set of climate change and growth in NICs and LDCs. 

I have decided to work hard from the start, so I can attempt to finish my dissertation asap, to enable my coursework and labs to go well when they start. I am almost scared of the work, as I have AIESEC too, and will be planning parts of my Gap Year. 

Methods to learn is by devoting time to study consistently, and while i have a range of goals they all need planning and monitoring.


I think this will be a semester I will remember throughout my life, and week 1 of 12 has already finished. I can not believe im graduating on 18th July. 

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