Winter Reflections

This post is to clear mind, soul and thought. Much expected after a trip to India. The “Meme”;  “Waldo goes to India, to find himself” comes to mind..

So how can one even come to the senses after an impactful and content-ful journey. With 4 days in Goa and 12 in Mumbai. Seeing family after 3 years. Missing two grandparents who have now gone to heaven, and now a cousin getting married. Words are not descriptive enough, and thanks to the 16GB SD card, pictures, well, there are too many.

My first reflection is that I have developed the sense of psychology. While reading Thinking, Fast and Slow. The topic of Priming, and Illusion aswell as the concept of cognitive ease. I will attend some MOOC’s in my gap year on these topics for sure. And hope anyone reading will be able to recommend any.

2) Is the whole idea of becoming the best. Why does a few percent of the population make it. And what does it take. Talent? Hard work? Smart work? i think and have been reading to reconfirm.this. I need to find a space where I can search more about my genuine strengths and weaknesses. Not ones that have come across due to an environmental response.

3) Physical struggle is subjective. To pluck strings of a guitar is painful to the one who does not play often. The feeling of thirst or hunger and the pains developed over longer time are similar, yet different depending on people experiencing them. 

4) if you celebrate each day as a new years eve, minus the alcohol consumption, what is there to learn. Perhaps you should start living the life one seeks, when you’re too busy writing the to do’s down. Then again, who am I to talk writing bullet points and mind maps about my gap year without a clear action to achieve these. Well, it’s my life and I’ll rather go bigger than stay thinking “what if”. 


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