How to maximize your throughput is an essential ingredient for anyone who finds themselves running between activities. So.. being one myself, I have tried one week of early rising at 530 and now starting my new  “perfect week”. In short their differences are;

“Hell week” : following a to-the-minute plan. 

“Perfect week” : make sure you do all the things in the course of a week.

So ideally there wouldn’t need to exist a perfect week as the “Hell week” should have been planned so well that all the pieces falls in the right spots. But as you can not anticipate all the possible activities and thus can not plan for everything, shit happens basically, and you’re left at the end of the week a tiered and drained person who now feels like he/she should have managed it all but “just couldn’t”.

So. My daily plan is to work on a few things:

Lumosity brain games

– Spanish Dict and Michel Thomas audio track

– read Business Plan Generation 

– Follow a gym plan

– Run every second day

– Don’t drink alcohol

– Work at least 5 hours a day

– Write a 10 min spew-your-thoughts every day



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