This summer I had the chance to read a lot, and the one book that I only read a few pages in had a huge impact. Erik Bertrands book “Bli best med mental trening” meaning “become the best with mental training” is a great read. The most memorable I will take from this is about how one should challenge ones self. To utilize the potential to its max. So he suggested doing a “Helvetesuka” which means “Hell Week” and involves in my opinion the 80/20 model that Pareto spoke avidly about. 80% of the work can/is completed in 20% of the time. Its about getting shit done, and not taking no for an answer. 

So.. I challenged myself physically by getting up 530AM every weekday, to for a 10km run before work at 8. I came home and after having some food directly started with my tasks for the day. The list of “to do’s” had grown to a considerable size over the weeks, and I was determined to complete them. I have changed a lot, and will try to do this in Manchester from September. 

Now my next adventure starts already tomorrow, where I go to EMax conference in Lillehammer, it is a entrepreneurship and innovation camp. Expectations have grown and hope to learn a lot over the next days. 

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