Greater Manchester Marathon

The weekend has come to an end, and I am exhausted!

Saturday was the AIESEC Manchester’s Leadership Development Summit conference, and I think it was a success, while the attendance for the conference was not too high. The content and the networking was brilliant! The speakers were amazing, and the whole technical part worked without too many glitches. The only problem was the fact that I only had a croissant to eat till about 3 pm. Post-conference meal was only a pesto chicken pasta dish, and salad, and some noodles. So my carb loading failed.

For Sunday, getting up at 5:45 after only 4 and a half hours of sleep and 6 hours the night before was beyond hard. I was almost freaking out. I got to Old Trafford by cab and the nice cab driver calmed my nerves saying “you fit?” “you will win this, man!”. So for my race I managed to clock in at a chip time of 3:19:15 Super happy! my legs are heavy as logs and getting into bed was excruciating. To share a few tips and tricks that I read before my race;(depending on your level of fitness and endurance they should work, I think)

  • Speed training works! – Because of the countless 60-90sec reps I built up a good max speed. 
  • Endurance is vital – While I never ran the whole 26 miles prior to my marathon, I did do many 10 milers. To me, its all about falling into a rhythm where you can keep going for hours. I also trained this back in Oslo with snowy hills so the effort was considerably higher while my pace slower. I think the fact that I did the long distance with high resistance and speed training in Manchester with flat and similar conditions to the marathon was very beneficial.

During the race:

  • Let yourself be amused! – I would on occasion just smile while running, although I was forcing it, it made me enjoy more of the race! The children cheering and wanting you to high five them, just do it. 
  • Look forward to something near – Obviously you will be in some pain, but look forward to something near. Break down the race in 5km and 10 km or even 3 km components. If you read the map of the some of the names at least will be familiar while passing.
  • Don’t drink to much –  While running for hours is boring at some point, you will have an urge to want to drink all the water they hand out just to keep you busy with something else. But it should be planned, you should know when you drink and plan out when and where you will eat and drink. I took every energy bar that was handed, and found my mouth dried out so much I was having breathing problems. Plan you intake!

After race:

  • keep walking and moving – your tomorrow self will love you for it!
  • Massage your legs – yourself and make your legs feel better in any way. They have taken a beating and you need to treat them nice

My time was 3:19:15 Super happy about that. my goal was 3:30, and even tagged along with the 3:30 pacers for a while.

Have a great week! now its back to Alan Gilbert Learning Commons aka Ali G, everyday. Fun times!

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