Easter – A time to reflect

Here goes, my first blogpost. I do not intend to keep things long, and hopefully you will find the courage to ask if something seems unclear or interesting but not well written.

I’ll be honest in saying that I have a difficulty in saying no. And when opportunities appear I take them, I have been fortunate to manage the ever increasing list of responsibilities (somewhat). I’ll explain..

As an engineering student we learn methods mostly, and apply them. This is to me not something I find all that challenging(my transcripts may agree to some extent). The time to learn something however takes time. I try to use time to learn, if not what is the point in applying a method willy-nilly, it will not enable you to secure a job or a position if all you can bring to the table is an application. I digress. So with my engineering studies, I find time to occupy myself when things become to “linear”(wrong use, I know). So I joined Engineers Without Borders, and later AIESEC. Two incredible societies. Even though most AIESEC’ers twist their lips at the sound of “society”. Well, yes, in fact we are an organization. Feel free to read more about the two your own.

These have given me so much more and my education seems to second priority at times, until I remind myself of the loan building up. But in all honestly, I almost become sad when hearing classmates not wanting to do other activities than university work and their day to day activities. University life is amazing, and unless you see the possibilities, you will end up and settle for less than you deserve, I am a firm believer of that no one knows what they want to do, before you’ve experienced more. I disagree with those who say that not all aspire to do the best of everything, and that many are fine by settling, because what gives them their thrill is something else. Why I disagree is because the society I’ve grown up in(Norway, with Indian parents) have evolved into a people who has more knowledge about using technology than creating it, and has more knowledge about what things cost than what their value is.

I hope to somewhat disruptively inspire people I know or don’t know, and to share one of my BHAG’s, which I recommend anyone having.

Make my (and others) communities a zero-emissions one at a time.
And on this note, I will round up.
more Yes, and less No people.
rather be too busy and learn from when it goes over hand, rather than being free and unoccupied. Chances are that you will meet new people and get new impressions that might change a lot!

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